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We did a podcast! Many thanks to Cameron Ford and Silver State K9 for letting Jenna and Michele yap their way to podcast infamy. 

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ExcetK9 possesses a broad range of unique expertise in canine training and handling with applications in both scientific and operational capacities. ExcetK9 also specializes in third party (independent) canine certifications, assessments, and validations for both the US Government and private businesses. Our staff understands individual requirements and is proficient in providing optimal canine solutions.


Our team has active Department of Defense (DOD) Secret or above and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sensitive Security Information (SSI) security clearances. We pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of integrity, discretion, and professionalism.



Check out www.SciK9.com for the latest TADD news. You can still contact us via this website, but there is much more information on the new site and a contact form to be added to the VIP list for future orders. If you've already contacted us via this website, then you're already on our VIP distro list. 

ExcetK9 is proud to introduce our first commercial product, the Training Aid Delivery Device!​ Created for the US Army and designed by canine trainers and scientists, the TADD can bring your canine training to the next level.


Design considerations ensure that all components of the TADD are:

  • NASA Outgassing Compliant* to be extremely low odor, so the only scent you train your dog on is the training aid

  • Inert and highly compatible with most training aids

  • Rugged enough for daily use and training

  • Cleaned according to EPA standard methods

  • Capable of being decontaminated and deodorized of human scent or environmental odors


  • Glass or Plastic material available.

  • 3 Sizes Available*:

    • Small​

    • Medium

    • Large

  • ​*Note: Large plastic jars are currently not in stock.

  • Transparent - Allows you to keep a visual on your training aids to ensure they are not decomposing or crystallizing


  • Comprised of a gas-tight chemical-resistant gasket, hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane, and a custom polypropylene membrane holder with a safety grid to prevent membrane puncture.

  • Safely contains liquids, oils, solids, small particulate, and hazmat



  • Comprised of a gas-tight chemical-resistant polypropylene lid.


Height 1.94 in. (4.9 cm)

Width 2.25 in. (5.8 cm)

Contains mass of 0.125 lbs. (57 g)

Contains volume of 2 oz. (60 ml)


Height 3.5 in. (8.5 cm)

Width 2.25 in. (5.8 cm)

Contains mass of 0.25 lbs (113 g)

Contains volume of 4 oz. (120 ml)


Height 5.7 in. (14.4 cm)

Width 2.25 in. (5.8 cm)

Contains mass of 0.5 lbs. (247 g)

Contains volume of 8 oz. (240 ml)

*All materials pass the NASA low outgassing test (ASTM E595). Developed by NASA to screen low outgassing materials for use in spacecraft, the test determines the volatile content of material samples placed in a heated vacuum chamber. If the collected volatile condensable materials (CVCM) is < 0.1 % and total mass lost (TML) is <1 %, then the material passes the NASA criteria for low-outgassing.



  • Wearable Sensors

  • Implantable Devices

  • Gas Mask

  • Decontamination

  • Human Scent ID

  • Odor Capture Materials

  • Buried Odor Detection

  • Headspace Characterization

    • GC-MS​

    • SPME-GC-MS

    • DART

  • Homemade Explosive (HME) Training

  • Special Operations Training Support

  • Training Aid Delivery Device (TADD)

  • Pseudo Explosive Characterization

  • PBIED Detection Dog T&E

  • Remote collar T&E

  • Chem/Bio Detection

  • HAZMAT Containment

  • Safe Opioid Detection Training

  • K9 Mannequin




Our team of scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts provide unbiased technology and capability assessments. In conjunction with the client, we develop a test plan that answers your questions and execute a thorough and rigorous evaluation with the documentation and recommendations you need to make critical business and operational decisions.


Ever wonder what gaps exist in your current security systems, protocols, and layers? Are you interested in increasing the effectiveness of your security posture?


We combine the following capabilities to provide cutting edge RED TEAM services to our clients:

  • Staff of current and former military and law enforcement officers

  • Access to current intelligence information

  • Re-creation of homegrown to sophisticated adversary scenarios

  • Assembly of Tiger Teams to solve complex operational security problems​


TSA created the Third-Party Canine-Cargo (3PK9-C) Program, under TSA's regulations for Certified Cargo Screening Programs (CSSP), see 49 CFR part 1549, to provide an efficient and effective method for screening air cargo to TSA's standards.


ExcetK9 has been authorized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to conduct certification assessments of third-party canine teams who screen cargo on behalf of TSA’s regulated entities required to screen air cargo before it can be transported on aircraft.  The authorization by TSA permits ExcetK9 to evaluate third-party canine teams in order to determine if the teams meet TSA’s stringent standards required to screen cargo transported by air.  ExcetK9 received TSA authorization to conduct certifications in October, 2018.

Certified 3PK9-C teams can be deployed to screen air cargo for aircraft operators, foreign air carriers, and other TSA-regulated parties operating under a TSA-approved or accepted security program.

ExcetK9's mobile certification team has canine evaluators strategically located throughout the USA, ready to process as many as 25-50 dog teams per day.


ExcetK9 subject matter experts (SMEs), research scientists, program managers, and handlers, have been providing their services to the U.S. Department of Defense and other Government Agencies for over a decade.

We write proposals, conduct basic and applied research, perform test and evaluation, and utilize data-driven solutions to deliver scientific canine enhancements.

Our past performance includes projects in the following K9 areas: decontamination, personal protective equipment (PPE), biological/chemical detection, explosive training aid development, HAZMAT containment systems, safety testing, sensor T&E, and operational training.


ExcetK9 offers consulting services on a variety of subject matters. We have provided technological assessments to airlines, market surveys to the DOD, and customized process improvement analysis and recommendations to the cargo industry.

We not only provide advice, we can also help implement our strategic deliverables by aligning your company with the best performers for the task. 






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